Short Term Corneal

Short Term Corneal Fellowship Training programme

To train ophthalmologists in diagnosis and management of corneal and ocular surface diseases through clinical evaluation.

3 Months

Fellowship opportunity is offered to trainees with minimum qualification: M.S./ D.N.B (Ophthalmology), DOMS Programme structure : Scope of the training includes the diagnosis and medical management of diseases of the conjunctiva, cornea and sclera.

Fellows will be trained in the following areas of expertise.

Programme Structure:
Fellows will be trained in diagnosing and managing: OPD: Corneal infections, allergies, emergencies- corneal trauma, chemical and mechanical injuries. Corneal ecstatic disorders, autoimmune disorders and Dry eye disease.
Fellows will be trained to do corneal scrapping for corneal ulcer, with interpretation and management various corneal ulcers and Ocular surface Squamous Neoplasia Medical and Surgical management of corneal thinning, perforation with application of Tissue glue and therapeutic Contact lens.

OT Procedures:
Training for procedures - pterygium excision, removal of deep seated foreign body, Glue BCL, EDTA Chelation, suture removal, corneal Tattooing.
Assisting in acquisition of surgical skills for major surgical procedures like Amniotic membrane Grafting, Optical keratoplasties, lamellar Procedures (DSEAK, DALK), Corneal tear repairs, open globe injuries, SLET, Mucous Membrane Grafting and OSSN management.
Skills in interpretation and management using diagnostic techniques like, corneal topography (Pentacam), Anterior segment OCT, (IDRA) Dry Eye machine, vital stains ocular surface, Specular microscopy and Pachymetry
Observe specialized contact lens (ROSE K/Scleral CL/RGP) fitting for Keratoconus, dry eye management.

Wet Lab training:
During the course of the fellowship, the candidates will be required to present clinical cases and conduct clinical research.

Candidates will be required to attend camps as a part of the outreach Programme of the Hospital.

Application Process:
Applicants are asked to submit their CV following which an interview will be scheduled.

Email to:

  • 2 days video assisted lectures in structured manner by senior expert Phaco surgeons
  • Live demonstration of basic Phaco technique on different grade of nucleus by an expert Phaco surgeon.

  • Specialized Support Service