Oculoplasty Fellowship

Short Term Oculoplasty Fellowship Training Programme

Ideal for comprehensive ophthalmologists who want to learn basics of Oculoplasty surgery and to understand the scope of the subject.

The fellow will get to observe and assist in OPD and outpatient procedures and perform them once equipped with a certain level of competence. They will also get to assist all Oculoplasty surgeries and perform common surgeries like DCT, DCR and Eyelid surgeries.

They will have coverage OPD and can assist in comprehensive OPD once the allotted specialty related work is completed for the day.


3 months

Course Intake:

One fellow/quarter



The candidate will be selected based on an interview.

Lacrimal Training Programme

This is a two day course aimed at giving an up close experience in lacrimal surgeries. There will be didactic lectures to begin with and the delegates will get to assist and observe syringing, DCR surgeries, Syringing and probing under endoscopic guidance. This course is suitable for practising ophthalmologists who want to brush up comprehensive lacrimal skills.

Course Intake:

Course will be designed twice a year and will allow 2 candidates per session.

Botulinum Toxin Workshop

This is a full day programme wherein a didactic lecture will discuss applications and guidelines for Botox injections in Oculoplasty. This will be followed by a demonstration of the same by the faculty on a patient and hands on practice under supervision and guidance for the candidates on Volunteers.

Course Intake:

Two to Three courses/year for 3-4 candidates (based on number of volunteers)

  • 2 days video assisted lectures in structured manner by senior expert Phaco surgeons
  • Live demonstration of basic Phaco technique on different grade of nucleus by an expert Phaco surgeon.

  • Specialized Support Service